PhD student at ETH – EAWAG , interested in microbial ecology. Winnerprize author. 


The world is powered by an unseen multitude of microbes, characterized by an overwhelming richness. This tireless multitude is specialized in small steps of complex biogeochemical processes that sustain our home, the planet earth. To understand the basic mechanisms that contribute to create such a great complexities with David Jhonson I’m working with bacterial synthetic communities trying to narrow down to simple rules that might explain how the microbial multitude organize themselves into well-structured communities (see some picture here).


As a PhD student at ETH – EAWAG I’m working in David Jhonson’s group for filling the knowledge gap between the  spatial structure and the functionality of a synthetic community of metabolically interacting bacteria. We are using a model system based on a denitrifying bacteria to study the spatial metabolic interaction under fluctuating environmental conditions. My current research is based on biostatistic and image analysis of bacterial colonies mainly using Confocal Laser Scan Microscopy (SP5 Leica) at colonies level and Wide Field microscopy at single cells level. We are developing new approaches to get more insights into the bacterial spatial metabolic interaction. For the data and image analysis I use to combine different softwares and computer languages:  Matlab, Phython, ImageJ and Knime.
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