About me

I am a PhD candidate in Synthetic Ecology of denitrifying bacteria at ETH – Eawag, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology. My research goal is to understand the role of metabolic interaction of a synthetic bacterial community and their spatial arrangement.

Recently I worked at Jan Roelof van der Meer lab at UNIL as a research assistant to study the microbial community involved in the Nitrogen Cycle in the soil of Wester Swiss Alps.

I’m author of 7 book on agriculture link.

My background.

I’m graduated in Agricultural Science (M.Sc. Degree). I completed my scientific training at the University of Milan, INRA – French National Institute for Agricultural Research and at University of Lausanne the Faculty of Biology and Medicine Department of Fundamental Microbiology.

My main interests have always been agriculture, suistainability, environmental microbiology, and molecular ecology. I have been working on agricultural topics and have acquired a good knowledge on production techniques, that gave me the opportunity to act as agricultural consultant for farmers and Italian farmer’s associations. I was involved in a variety of projects which provided innovative solutions for very practical agricultural problems. Thanks to my experience, I had the chance to lecture on agricultural production and environmental impact of modern agriculture at the Polytechnic of Milan. I also held many pubblic lectures with main focus on agriculture perspective and sustainability solutions. I have written 7 books dedicated to the sustainable agriculture, one of them was rewarded with the Portus Foundation’s award for best nonfiction book about environmental sustainability enquiry.

I have being President and Founder of Nostrale an Italian Non-Profit Association since 2011, where I dedicated my efforce to build sustainable environmental projects for social and educational purpose. I’m also part of the Italian Social Agricultural Forum, which is a Non-Profit association dedicated to develop the agriculture with social purpose.
My different experiences allowed me to partecipate to several television and radio programs in Italy ( e.g. RAI TV, Radio RAI, Montecarlo… ) and in Switzerland (RSI radio ) as opinion leader on sustainable agriculture issues.


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