This short movie was selected for the Global Science Film Festival link for the category Scientist as Filmmakers. The movie is intended to explain the importance of bacteria in the everyday life.

Power of the small.

Microbes are the underappreciated movers and shakers of the world, as a visitor of a fancy restaurant learns the hard way in this short film. After he unintentionally drives the microbes to go on strike, things quickly go from bad to worse. Idea, director, script, music, camera, sound, the angry bacterium.

Davide Ciccarese, Flurin Sturzenegger ,Helmut Burgmann, Mashid Gazorpak

Teach to anybody how to grow food to actually teach science.

Besides doing science I’ve been teaching to any sort of people how to grow their own food. I’m convinced that this is a great way to talk about science and more importantly to explain in a simple and effective way how the environment works. This pictures was taken at Cascina Cuccagna, a project in which I contributed to its foundation with many other dreamers. Over the last decade I’ve taught to a thousand* of adults and children, wrote 6 books on food and environments and founded a non-profit organization to promote the knowledge about food, agriculture, ecology and sustainability Nostrale.it

*Yes, that is the number of people that I’ve met and taught to over the last decade. The secret was working with a team of highly motivated and passionate people that helped me to transfer the knowledge. This experience is one of the main reason that guided me till today: teaching the knowledge that enable people to realize things that were only few ideas sketched on a paper.